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Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Wheadon in 1997. It kicked ass until the season finale on May 30th, 2003. Delve into the Buffy world, exploring, killing, and having fun!
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 Kwikie Mart [Just kidding. The Shop of Vina is Here]

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Buffy Summers
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The Awesome Creator Who Loves Spike
Buffy Summers

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PostSubject: Kwikie Mart [Just kidding. The Shop of Vina is Here]   Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:50 pm

I can do a picture with all your characters photos on it, and I would only ask for maybe 100 drachmas. I would need photos, and they can not move.
I will not be on every single day from today on. When I am on, I'll do them, but when I'm not, you'll just have to be patient. Don't pay me until you're sure you like it!
I can do their names underneath, and if you want anything else, ask. I also do just a normal picture with words on it XD Basically, anything that you want, I can try/actually do.
There is an example on my signature.
Heres the application:

Characters names/link:
Pictures (If the link contains the pictures and names, leave N/A):
Style: (Type of Writing, Type of Collage, etc)
Can I PM you the picture link:

This will only be for a while. When I stop, I stop. I'll finish whatever ones are needed to be finished, and I'll close the shop. Thank you!

Examples of Work:

Writing Examples:

Other Signature Photos:


-Apply Effects to Your Photo
-Write Names
-Make Collages (In different shapes. Such as the normal squares, or the less seen circles, hearts and random shapes)
-Resize Pictures
-Put borders on photos
-Make Pictures, including writing, effects if desired. ( Do you need a picture for the top of you're character topic? Maybe for you're shop, chat topic, game or Adoption topic? I can do it xD)

So yeah. You guys want to order anything, please just tell me! I'd be happy to make them 8D

What I can do:

-Posterize: Sort of blurry with dull colors
-Heart Bokeh: Covers your picture if pink hearts
-Patchwork: Takes your picture and and spilts it up, turning pieces all over that place
-Circle Bokeh: Covers your picture in circles
-Retro: Makes your picture look older
-Cross Process: My personal favorite, idk how to describe it, I'll show an example down below
-Lomoish: Surrounds your picture with a fading black border and inhances the rest of your pictures color
-Super Pixelate: Pixelate's everything
-Comic: Makes your picture look like something from a comic book
-Blur Edges: Simple. It blurs edges
-Blueprint: Makes everything blue, except for the outline of your character. The outline is white
-Neon: Makes everything black, then illuminates your characters outline any color you want
-Grayscale: Basicly, makes your picture black, white and gray
-Invert: Inverts hues to make your character white and blue with a black background
-Painting: Makes your picture look like a painting
-Cartoon: Makes your picture look like a cartoon
-Bronze: Basicly applies bronzer to your photo
-Sepia: Puts a light pink tint on your photo
-Old Photo: Makes your picture look like a photo from 1940
-Soften: Softens the lines on your photo
-Sketch: Makes your picture look like a sketch
-Fresco: Colored sketch
-Nightvision: Makes your picture look like it was taken from a nightvision camera

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Kwikie Mart [Just kidding. The Shop of Vina is Here]
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