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Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Wheadon in 1997. It kicked ass until the season finale on May 30th, 2003. Delve into the Buffy world, exploring, killing, and having fun!
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 Chatbox Quote of the Day!

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Buffy Summers
The Awesome Creator Who Loves Spike
The Awesome Creator Who Loves Spike
Buffy Summers

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PostSubject: Chatbox Quote of the Day!   Chatbox Quote of the Day! Icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2012 8:45 am

Hey everyone! So yeah. I was thinking of starting one of these kind of things yesterday. Then, seeing Kenzie's forum game gave me the little push I needed to bother make it. Okay. So you all have to fly my pretties, fly! Look in the C-Box! Find Quotes! POst them here, and I shall add them to the list!

And out head scouter? The one who knows what's funny and what's not? KENZIE! Hey hon! Say if you like the idea, say if you don't XD But soon, I might delte this topic, and if you want you can take it over XD (By the by. I stole your quote for one of our first thing majibies.)

So yes. The game, shall....wait for it....STAY OPEN! Just cause I find it cool XD


[01:09:38] * Kenzie throws stick at Pinky's head.
[01:09:44] Kenzie : TAKE THAT!.
[01:10:05] * pinkrose555 throws a bag of bircks at Kenzie.
[01:11:05] * Kenzie is on bath salts and chews on Pinky's face.
[01:11:41] * pinkrose555 throws Kenzie in the ocean.
[01:11:44] Parker-17 : lol.
[01:12:48] * pinkrose555 throws Parker into the ocean too.
[01:13:26] * pinkrose555 is overlord
[01:14:10] @ pinkrose555 : hello?.
[01:14:19] Parker-17 : Hello.
[01:14:21] Kenzie : I'm here xD.
[01:14:41] * pinkrose555 runs away from Parker.
[01:15:25] PurplePie has been disconnected on Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:15 am (session timeout).
[01:15:26] Kenzie : I'm here as a ghost because you killed me pink, Kiilllllleeeddddd meeeeee.
[01:15:37] @ pinkrose555 : XD.
[01:16:02] Parker-17 : thats cool.
[01:16:07] * pinkrose555 throws Kenzie into the underqorld.
[01:17:30] @ pinkrose555 : Uh! I can't beat my game!.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

*Special Message: LOL Kenzie. I stole your first quote XD

~ Vina

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Chatbox Quote of the Day!
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